Arcadia's Legacy dev log 2: Customizeable 2D characters

  • Posted on: 8 April 2016
  • By: zadirion
how to make 2D customizeable character

How to make a 2D customizeable character

Hey everyone!

So, you're curious how to make a character that can be customized?

My workflow is this:

- create a layer group representing a frame

- in the layer group, insert one layer per customizeable body part.

- draw the body parts for all animation frames.

As you can see in the image, the hair, eyes, face, hands, shirt, pants, boots, they're all on separate layers in each frame.

Well, I wrote a plugin for GIMP that exports each layer by name into a spritesheet, one for each body part. Thus, I would type for example boots, and I would get the whole boots animation, all frames, in a spritesheet with just the boots alone.

I can then play that boots spritesheet independently in Unity. I can also just set a color for the boots spritesheet to change the color of the boots. This can apply to any body part.

With individual sprites, I then import them in Unity and animate them like this:

- One root game object with animator component on it

-  One child game object per body part, with a Sprite Renderer for it

- create sprite animations that animate the sprite of the body parts (exported in the earlier steps)

- play the animations through the animation controller that is assigned on the root object, in the Animator component


I hope this helps. If you have any questions, just leave them in the comment section.